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Bridges, Traveling, Lashes and Exercise... oh my!
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Bridges of Madison County

Starring Nancy T. Francesca must make the decision to stay with her family after spending 4 days with the love of her life.

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Traveling and Feeling

How I’m feeling right now while traveling with Kelly Sullivan Walden. Wind, fun, chatting, directing, food and pea soup. Ummm… need more?

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Lashes, Lashes, Lashes!

Beauty, girly things, material things and all about us and our lashes.

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My Next Venture

My next venture is a role in the film, “Feast of the Seven Fishes”. Time to meet the cast and get all prepped for tomorrow on set! Take a look at the IMDb page to see all of the fabulous people with whom I will be working!

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Nancy loves the camera. Her long list of clients includes: Moen, Icy/hot, American Greetings, JoAnn Fabrics, Philips Medical, United Way, and Alside Windows. She can be seen on a box, banner, package and in the pages of a magazine. She's everywhere you want her to be.

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Kelly Sullivan Walden

Co-Founder / Program Director
Her mission and dedication to empowering the youth and women of the world inspires all who connect with her as she leads the Chime In program and mentors the participants. Kelly Sullivan Walden lives it.

Dana Walden

Co-Founder / Director of Transmedia
He specializes in connecting the dots between passion, people and projects across diverse (and sometimes seemingly unrelated) platforms. His Management approach is dedicated to “the dream realized”.

Steve Allen

Director of Communications
Steve has always had a calling to help young people. He was a Big Brother in the Big Brothers Big Sisters Program in N.Y.C. for many a year, as well as a respected volunteer teacher at the Covenant House in L.A.

Nancy Telzerow

Director of Operations
Nancy is our Chief Operating Officer but much prefers to be called our Juicy Logistics Goddess as she likes to dot the i’s and cross the t’s with flair!

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