They don’t even call me Gammy anymore. The boys call me Nenna. With that said, I think we all know they could call me fruitloop and I’d be on board! These are just a few of our moments together where we talk about life…Enjoy!
maybe no today
with the boys & their toys
A short #GammySermon
wishing all my peeps, butterflies, happiness & love just the way you are
spending some time with the boys, eating blueberries, talking about life
I compromised & did a very short #GammySermon
today’s product review #GammySermon
#GammySermon for the day #eyecontact
#PurpleCarrots, #GiveItYourAll
Pure me a double #GammySermon
#GammySermon just having the talk with the boys about differentiation. I think they get it or at least one of them does. It did inspire a song “The Bib is Gone …it’s on the seat” 🎶
The Strong Yellow tractor might not be my jam but these baby boys sure are. #TinyGammySermon