June 29, 2017


What is our Spiritual Girls in a Material World podcast about, you ask?

Well, it can all be easily summarized by asking one important question, how’s my light? The spiritual girl means am I shining my light coming from a place of connected-ness and love and the material girl means is this light making my dark circles darker or what??? Kelly Sullivan Walden and I were talking about the fact that we lie horizontally across the bed of light and love the way it feels on both sides even if it means we are perpendicular to the headboard! We firmly believe that wanting to look good while taking a good look at our authenticity is not a crime but a fun romp into a life filled with balance. So there, does that explain it? Not yet? OK, you will see our videos and notice the two worlds where we live comfortably unless the stilettos are too high or the jeans are too tight. Watch and like us on Facebook. We will begin our podcast soon enough where we tackle all sorts of life’s conundrums. Stay tuned for more!

You may be wondering if it’s possible to be devoted to raising your level of spiritual awareness while simultaneously, obsessively checking the mirror to make sure your butt in your new yoga pants is keeping up with the Kardashians.

In our not so objective perspective, we’d like to think so.

It’s our party and you are welcome to join us.

There’s lots of room (whereas in our yoga pants, not so much).

SGMW (Spiritual Girl in a Material World) pod/webcast is a sometimes glamorous, but more often than not messy (aka “glessy”), celebration of what it means to be a spiritual being having a radically human (and sometimes photo-shopped) experience. In other words, on this show you’ll learn how to keep one foot deeply planted on the spiritual plane and the other on a plane to Paris.

SGMW is a series of stories, interviews, and on the fly behind the scenes conversations, not to mention product reviews, strung together, like Buddhist mala beads, by Kelly Sullivan Walden (Dream Expert and bestselling author) and NancyTelzerow (actress, Facebook celebrity, fashionista, and philanthropist).

SGMW is an irreverent, inspirational romp for people who want to ride bareback beyond their North Star, straight to heaven, while dancing wildly in fashionably high heels here on earth.

Join Kelly and Nancy as they desperately seek center—while looking for awakening in all the wrong places—until they find it in all the right places—like a late night bottle of wine shared between girlfriends in a stream of laughter that makes you pee your pants while having an aha moment that will change your life forever. Get ready to find yourself smack dab in the sweet spot where the luminous and the humanness collide!

Spiritual Girls in a Material World: