June 29, 2017


I was not a journalism major in College, nor did I have a burning desire to write my deepest feelings and yet …

I’m currently working on a “with” credit for the book, “Do These Prayer Beads Make My Butt Look Fat? True Confessions of a Spiritual Girl in a Material World”. This will officially be my first time with my name on the front of a book and I think I like the way that feels. In fact, I like it so much that I’m also currently editing a book called “I Miss My Period”. Hmm, in looking at these two titles it would appear that I’m a writer who delves into women’s issues most but that’s not exactly true. I have written for websites and articles and blogs. My truest words can be found on my own facebook page but I’ve also ghost written a great deal so your truest words could be found on whatever page you choose.

I love expressing myself on paper, even if it is computer paper that was printed out from the screen. My latest favorite thing to write is about my travel experiences. I hope to pen my own book one day and have thought of a few subjects but I will wait until the perfect one reveals itself. If for some reason you need writing assistance, whether it be travel or business writing, advertising or personal. Maybe you need help with your book, call me!  I could very well be the person for the job.

Contact: NancyT@NancyTelzerow.com

Nancy’s Literary Agent:
Devra Ann Jacobs
Dancing Word Group Agency
12420 E. Kachina PL
PO Box 1030
Dewey, AZ 86327
(910) 399-5069