June 29, 2017


I was not a journalism major in College, nor did I have a burning desire to write my deepest feelings and yet …

I’m currently working on a “with” credit for the book, “Do These Prayer Beads Make My Butt Look Fat? True Confessions of a Spiritual Girl in a Material World”. This will officially be my first time with my name on the front of a book and I think I like the way that feels. In fact, I like it so much that I’m also currently editing a book called “I Miss My Period”. Hmm, in looking at these two titles it would appear that I’m a writer who delves into women’s issues most but that’s not exactly true. I have written for websites and articles and blogs. My truest words can be found on my own facebook page but I’ve also ghost written a great deal so your truest words could be found on whatever page you choose.

I love expressing myself on paper, even if it is computer paper that was printed out from the screen. I hope to pen my own book one day and have thought of a few subjects but I will wait until the perfect one reveals itself. If for some reason you need writing assistance, whether it be business writing, advertising or personal, I could very well be the person for the job.

Contact me at: Nancy@NancyTelzerow.com

Nancy’s Literary Agent:
Devra Ann Jacobs
Dancing Word Group Agency
12420 E. Kachina PL
PO Box 1030
Dewey, AZ 86327
(910) 399-5069